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Songs with Girls Names In the Title

Now this could be a fun quiz to take. I worked pretty hard on this quiz and it took a long time to make. There are just so many songs with girls names in the title. This has to be a series of quizzes in the near future. Okay, here it goes. I have provided ten questions and you need to provide ten answers. I have definitely done my part. I have provided long answer explanations about each of these songs. Not only will you have fun taking the quiz but you will learn something that you did not know prior to taking it. Good luck and start quizzing!
10 Questions, Average difficulty
Played 317 times
Rating - (4.55 of 5.00), 22 vote(s)
Written by  sanitation
Posted Online: Jun 14, 2010
Last Modified: Never

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Songs with "Woman" In the Title

This quiz will be about songs that all have the word "woman" in the title. All of the songs that I have picked, were very popular songs and were heard quite frequently on radio stations all over the world. I believe that you should do fairly well on this quiz. Are you ready for the task at hand? Great. Good luck and start quizzing!

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Songs About Heaven And Hell Pt.2

Check out some more of the most popular songs containing the words heaven, hell and paradise in their titles.

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Dancing Music

This is a quiz about dancing that is mentioned in music. Dancing is mentioned in quite a few songs, so let's see how many of them you know!

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On the Cover of Rolling Stone

I will supply you with a Rolling Stone magazine cover and you simply select the artist that's on the cover. And if that weren't easy enough, I'll have an audio clip for each, just in case you don't recognize them. We're starting with 1977 and takin' it year by year till 2007!

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"Time" to Take This Music Quiz!

This quiz will be about songs with the word "time" in their title. There are lots of songs with "time" in the title, so perhaps this may just be the first quiz of many to come. You know the drill. I make ten questions and you answer ten questions. This isn't rocket science, so without further adieu, I give you "Time" to Take This Music Quiz !" Good luck and start quizzing!

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Who's That Lady?

'Who's that lady'? ask the Isley Brothers in a 1964 song. The lady was: a sexy lady, beautiful lady, lovely lady, and a real fine lady. How many of these ladies can you identify in these rock songs? But be forewarned, in one song a gentleman sings of his lady 'I wished I'd never seen your face'.

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