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Michael Jackson: "The King of Pop" - Part I

This quiz will be about the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson. I was going to do it a long time ago but after learning about the passing of this iconic superstar, it has made me finally get it done, I will give you some questions about Michael and you will try to answer them to the best of your ability. I don't know if this quiz will be a "Thriller" but I am hoping that you like it. Do you know what I am "Say","Say","Say"-ing? If you don't like it, you can just "Beat It". So without further adieu, I give you Michael Jackson: "The King of Pop"- Part l. This is the first part of this series of quizzes. Good luck and start quizzing.
10 Questions, Average difficulty
Played 1067 times
Rating - (4.81 of 5.00), 37 vote(s)
Written by  sanitation
Posted Online: Jun 28, 2009
Last Modified: Jun 29, 09

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Music H - J
Jackson, Michael

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