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1980 Fall Season TV

We'll start on Sunday at 8:00 PM ET and take a tour through a week in network television circa 1980. Hope this quiz takes you back!
29 Questions, Average difficulty
Played 810 times
Rating - (4.78 of 5.00), 27 vote(s)
Written by Gilligan
Posted Online: Jun 13, 2007
Last Modified: Never

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1980s Television

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1980's Television Actors/Actresses - Take 2

I just recently wrote a quiz about this particular subject. It seemed to be a pretty popular quiz, so why not do it again? I will give you an 80's television character and you will be required to supply us with the actor or actress who played the character. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, it should be, if you took the first one and scored well. Hopefully this quiz will be fun and perhaps you just may learn something after taking it. If you do, then making this quiz was well worth it. So without further adieu, I give you... Take 2.

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80's TV Themes

We all watched these shows but can you remember the theme songs at the beginning of each episode? Test your knowledge on 1980's television themes with this quiz and enjoy the trip down memory lane! NOTE: Please be patient as it can take some time for audio clips to load. If a problem occurs while loading, close window, and try again.

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1980s Television Series

A simple quiz for those of you who were couch potatoes in the 80s. View the photo and name the show!

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Television of the 80s

I will give the names of some of the characters and a description of the show and you give me the name of the show. Easy if you have spent time watching 80's television or the thousands of hours of reruns during the last two decades.

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1980's Television Actors/Actresses

Here is how this one goes: I will provide you with the television character and you have to let us know who the 80's actor was that played the role. For instance: He played Fonzie on the long running sitcom "Happy Days." The answer is, naturally, Henry Winkler. Sounds easy, right? Well, if you think that you know just a little something about 80's television, then this quiz is the one to take. Are you ready ? Good. Have some fun and start quizzing!

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Name That Show - The 1980s TV Edition Pt I

This is a quiz about TV shows from the 1980s, but since there were so many great shows during this era there may be more!

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