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Unsolved Mysteries & Hauntings

written by: bas191
Like many people, I have always been intrigued by mystery and the unknown. So much so, that I have dedicated this quiz to the unknown. I hope you will all enjoy it!

Question 1:

The story of Atlantis dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. The story was first written down by the traveller Solon. But who wrote the only remaining story of the lost continent Atlantis?
Christopher Columbus

Question 2:

Many sailors have seen "the Flying Dutchman", a ship doomed to roam the seas forever. Where did "the Flying Dutchman" reportedly disappear?
The East Indies
The North Sea
Cape of Good Hope
The Atlantic Ocean

Question 3:

On May 28, 1875, 50 students from the Vicksburg High School heard a lady in distress screaming; 'Help me in the name of God, the men are hurting me'. Since then, hundreds of people have reported hearing the same voice. With which event is this ghostly voice associated?
The fall of Vicksburgh during the Civil War
The vanishing of a riverboat
Indian retaliation for the desagration of an Ancient burial ground
A student prank

Question 4:

The Lutz family - famous as the occupants of the infamous Amityville house - told their story to the writer Jay Anson, who turned it into a best-selling book. Later, a movie was made based on the supposed events that took place in this house. James Brolin played the role of the surveyour George Lutz. He became convinced that the film was jinxed. Did he experience his first haunting experience on the film set?

Question 5:

After the battle of Waterloo, General Ney of the French army received a death sentence and was reportedly executed by firing squad on December 7th, 1815. However a gentleman called Peter Ney, who died in the year 1846, claimed to be the General. It was never proven that he actually was the General. However, many things point towards the truth of his claim. Which of thes is not one of them?
A famous New York handwriting specialist identified his writing as that of the general
On the boat to the US he was spotted and recognized by a former soldier under his command
When he arrived in the US - safe from prosecution - he identified himself as the General, but he was not believed
He had surprising knowledge of the family background and the military

Question 6:

In 1860, the ship Amazon was launched in Nova Scotia. She was 103ft overall in length, displacing 280 tons and listed as a Half Brig. The ship was involved in numerous accidents, with the most bizarre event occurring on its voyage to Genoa on November 7th, 1872. Leaving harbor with a crew of 10, it was found heading for the Straight of Gibraltar on December 4th, 1872. Although not flying any distress signals and under full sail, the crew had disappeared without a trace. What was Amazon's name when her crew disappeared?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 7:

This place is haunted by a man,who was brutally murdered. During his lifetime he reportedly participated in seances to contact his dead son, William. The Dutch Queen Wilhelmina encountered this person in the middle of the night, when she was staying at what place?
Ewloe Castle
The Tower of London
The White House
Edinburgh Castle

Question 8:

This entity has been haunting the same area for over 260 years. In this period it has been witnessed 2,000 times. One of the famous eye witnesses - former Spanish King Joseph Bonaparte - saw this flying creature while out hunting. One popular theory is that the creature is the very essence of evil, embodied. What is the name of this creature?
Jersey Devil

Question 9:

View the provided image.
This piece of Motorway - built in Germany in the 1930's - became known as 'The Highway of Death'. In the first twelve months of its existence, over one hundred cars crashed near km marker 239. Only after the marker was removed and the area was sprinkled with Holy water, did the accidents stop.

View Image

Question 10:

Tower Green - part of the Tower of London complex - is frequented by the ghost of Lady Salisbury. According to witnesses the last moments of her life are re-enacted in this part of the infamous Tower where she met her doom. How did lady Salisbury die?
She was axed to death
She climbed up & jumped from the Tower
She was murdered by rebels
She was executed by beheading


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