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St. Petersburg, Russia

written by: rcthomson123
St Petersburg was built from scratch in a marshy wilderness and became the capital of the Russian Empire and one of the great cities of Europe. This quiz is about some of its most famous sights and attractions, and some historical details.

Question 1:

St Petersburg stands where this river enters this body of water:
The Ladoga river enters the Gulf of Bothnia.
The Neva river enters the Gulf of Finland.
The Neva river enters the Gulf of Bothnia.
The Volga river enters the Baltic Sea.

Question 2:

The former Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia now contains one of the world's greatest museums of art and culture. What is it called?
The Hermitage
The Pushkin Museum
The Russian Museum
The Tretyakov Museum

Question 3:

In 1914 the name of St Petersburg was changed to this name.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 4:

St Petersburg's most famous avenue, Nevsky Prospekt stretches from where to where?
From the Moscow Station to the Finland Station
From St Isaac's Cathedral to the Kazan Cathedral
From the Winter Palace to the Moscow Station on Uprising Square
From the Admiralty building to the Aleksander Nevsky Monastery

Question 5:

What is notable about the Anichkov bridge on Nevsky Prospekt in St Petersburg?
It carries a plaque commemorating the fact that Rasputin's body was recovered from the canal at this spot in 1916.
It is the oldest bridge in St Petersburg.
It can be drawn up at night to allow ship traffic to pass along the canal it spans.
It carries four magnificent bronze statues of horses.

Question 6:

Where in St Petersburg can you find the famous statue of Peter the Great on horseback, sometimes called The Bronze Horseman?
On Vasilievsky Island
Beside the Field of Mars
In Decembrists Square, near the Admiralty
In front of the Finland Railway Station

Question 7:

What historical ship is now permanently moored in St Petersburg
The battleship Potemkin
The cruiser Aurora
The barque Kruzenshtern
The battlecruiser Peter the Great

Question 8:

The colonnade of which religious building is a feature of Nevsky Prospect?
Chesme Church
St Isaac's Cathedral
The Kazan Cathedral
The Church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood

Question 9:

Which of these writers has a dedicated museum in St Petersburg, Russia?
Anna Akhmatova
Vladimir Nabokov
Fyodor Dostoevsky
All of these

Question 10:

Where in St Petersburg can you see the tombs of nearly all the Russian tsars since Peter the Great?
The Cemetery of the Aleksander Nevsky Monastery
The Smolenskoe Cemetery on Vasilievsky Island
St Isaac's Cathedral
The Peter and Paul Fortress


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