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Major Battles of World War Two

written by: danmontg
This is not a quiz for experts. It covers the major battles of World War Two in Europe and the Pacific that would be familiar to anybody with a reasonable knowledge of that great conflict.

Question 1:

In this battle British general Montgomery ended the German/Italian threat to Egypt and the Suez Canal by a decisive victory in 1942 that proved to be the turning point of the war in North Africa.
El Alamein
El Quatarra
Battler of the Frontiers

Question 2:

What was the final battle of WWII in Europe which was primarily between the Germans and the Soviet forces and during which Hitler committed suicide?
Battle of Konigsgrad
Battle of Kiev
Battle of Dresden
Battle of Berlin

Question 3:

About five months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, carriers of the Japanese navy and the US navy fought in the South Pacific. It was the first time in history that opposing ships never sighted each other - only their aircraft crews saw their opponents. Though the US force took heavy losses, they were able to stop the Japanese invasion of Port Moresby in New Guinea. What was the name of the battle?
Java Sea
Coral Sea
Bismarck Archipelago

Question 4:

Also known as "D-Day", this was the invasion of German-occupied northern France in 1944 by British, Canadian, US and other allied nations' troops.
Battle of the Nations
Battle of France
the Normandy Landings

Question 5:

The Soviet's successful defense of this city and destruction of a German army in heavy, bloody fighting in 1942-43 is often called the turning point of WWII.

Question 6:

Possibly the largest tank battle in history was fought in 1943 near a Soviet city that gives its name to the battle. Both sides took heavy losses of tanks and men but in the end the Soviets prevailed and the Germans had to begin the long retreat that would eventually take them all the way back to Germany. What was the name of the city and the battle?

Question 7:

In this Pacific battle in 1942, the US Navy sank four Japanese aircraft carriers while losing only one of their own. It is generally considered the turning point of the war in the Pacific. The battle is named after an island which the Japanese intended to capture but were halted by their losses in the naval battle. What is the name of the island and the battle?

Question 8:

In late 1944, Hitler scraped up a strong force including armor and caught the American forces by surprise near the Belgium - German border. In the biggest battle fought in northwest Europe in 1944-45, the Germans pushed back the US defense line considerably until reinforcements and British help halted the German advance and eventually pushed them back into Germany. What name is this battle known by?
the Battle of the Borders
the Battle of Desperation
the Battle of the Bulge
the Battle of the Frontier

Question 9:

On and near what island in the Soloman Island group was the Japanese advance in the South Pacific stopped in 1943, after about six months of brutal fighting between the land and naval force of the US and Japan?
Bismarck Island

Question 10:

In 1944, the Japanese Navy made a last all-out effort to defeat the US Navy in a battle in the waters of the Philippines. The Japanese made a three pronged attack on the US Navy and US Marines landing on an island in the Philippines. However, in this naval battle the US Navy sank many Japanese ships and gained almost total dominance of the Pacific Ocean. From that time on the Japanese navy could do little except launch suicide planes to try to stop the advance of Allied forces toward Japan. What was the name of this great battle?
Savo Island
Leyte Gulf
Iwo Jima

Question 11:

In the late summer and autumn of 1940 (after the German conquest of France) the German air force tried to gain air superiority over the English Channel and southern England so that Germany could invade Britain. The British Royal Air Force (RAF) fought with great determination against the Germans and made the fight so costly that the Germans had to give up the idea of invading Britain. What was this mostly air battle called?
the Channel Campaign
the Miracle of Dunkirk
the Battle of Britain
the Battle of the Air Forces

Question 12:

The final major battle of World War Two was on this Pacific island where the US took heavy casualties both in the ground forces and the navy before capturing the island. The fanatical defense of the island by the Japanese, including "kamikaze" attacks, was probably a factor influencing the US to drop the atomic bombs in hopes of ending the war without another blood bath. What was the name of the island?


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