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Gin Rummy Strategy

written by: mattbeckwith
The most popular two-handed card game of skill is a very difficult game. See how much you know about gin rummy strategy.

Question 1:

All other things being equal, which 3-card meld is more likely to be increased to a 4-card meld in the game gin rummy?
Ace Two Three of Spades
Jack Queen King of Hearts
Three Kings
Eight Nine Ten of Diamonds

Question 2:

In the gin rummy game which of the following is a triangle?
7 of hearts, 8 of clubs, 7 of spades
7 of hearts, 8 of clubs, 8 of diamonds
7 of hearts, 8 of hearts, 7 of spades
7 of hearts, 8 of hearts, 6 of hearts

Question 3:

In the card game gin rummy, it is sometimes necessary to break a meld in order to keep your opponent from winning the hand.

Question 4:

The best gin rummy players remember every card played.

Question 5:

There are several variations of gin rummy commonly played. Which of the following is INCORRECT?
In conventional Gin Rummy a Queen-King-Ace meld is worth more than a 4-5-6 meld.
In Oklahoma Gin the first up card determines the maximum knock value.
In Knock Rummy you can go out even though not all of your cards are used in melds.
In Knock Rummy, all face cards are worth 10, and all other cards are worth their face value.

Question 6:

In the gin rummy game you should never pick up a speculative discard. That is, you should never pick up a discard without using it in a meld.

Question 7:

In knock rummy, deciding whether to knock or go for gin can be difficult. Which of the following is INCORRECT?
If you have reason to believe that your opponent's unused cards are low cards, you should probably knock if you can.
If it's early in the hand and you can knock, you probably should do so.
If you wait for gin and your opponent knocks, you might be able to undercut her.
Sometimes it makes sense to knock even if there's a strong possibility that your opponent will undercut you.

Question 8:

If my opponent in gin rummy has picked up the 8 of diamonds, and I know nothing else about my opponent's hand, which of the following cards should I discard?
7 of spades
9 of diamonds
10 of diamonds
8 of spades

Question 9:

If your opponent in the game gin rummy picked up the jack of spades and discarded the queen of spades, what could you conclude?
She probably is collecting jacks.
She most certainly is collecting jacks.
She doesn't know how to play gin.
She is about to gin.

Question 10:

All other things being equal, if you had a triangle, a 3-card meld and a 4-card meld, and drew a card which could expand the 3-card meld into a 4-card meld, you should expand the meld and discard one card of the triangle.


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