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Famous Bankruptcies

written by: shimonbentzvi
A very difficult quiz on famous people who declared bankruptcy.

Question 1:

He was born in Abbott ,Texas in 1933 and has become one of the most famous country singers in the USA. He had a $16.7 million IRS debt in 1990.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 2:

She was an Olympic Gold winner in figure skating who even had a hair style named for her. In 2004 she filed for bankruptcy protection.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 3:

When individuals file for bankruptcy in the USA they file under this section of the Uniform Commercial Code.
Chapter 13
Chapter 11
Chapter 19
Chapter 7

Question 4:

Although he never filed for bankruptcy, this very smart and very great American President left a $107,000 debt for his heirs.
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Woodrow Wilson

Question 5:

What is the real first name of Screech Diamond of "Saved by the Bell" fame, who was forced to declare bankruptcy due to the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Question 6:

This blond beauty, born in Athens, Georgia in 1953, made millions as a movie star but went bankrupt due, in part, to her purchase of the entire town of Baselton, Georgia.
Stella Stevens
Kim Bassinger
Anita Bryant
Kay Douglas

Question 7:

She was a very popular singer with many corporate sponserships. Her open antagonism to homosexuals led to the loss of these sponsorships and singing success.
Anita Bryant
Cyndi Lauper
Vanessa Williams
Amy Winehouse

Question 8:

This very popular actor, born in Michigan in 1936, attended Florida State University on a football scholarship. Who is this former stuntman who had a debt of $10,000,000 in 1996?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)

Question 9:

"Two Out of Three [one might say ] Ain't Bad," but this singer/actor had a $1,600,000 debt in 1983.
Gene Simmons
David Crosby
Eugene Whitfield

Question 10:

This man (along with his half-brother) tried to corner the world's silver market. His failure led to his bankruptcy.
George Bannister
Nelson Bunker Hunt
Sam Walton
William C. Durant

Question 11:

She was an actress famous for her role in "Moulin Rouge." She is even more famous for her marriages, her sisters, and for being arrested for battery. Who is this actress who was forced into bankruptcy in 1994?
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Eva Gabor
Lil Kim
Magda Gabor

Question 12:

In 1936 this founder of General Motors had a debt of $914,231 forcing bankruptcy.
William C. Durant
David L. Buick
Raymond Devond

Question 13:

All of these great athletes declared bankruptcy: Billy Sims, Leon Spinks, Lawrence Taylor, Johnny Unitas, Sheryl Swoopes.

Question 14:

This singer, who was "Too Legit To Quit ", was born Stanley Kirk Burrell in1962. He made a reported $50,000,000 but had to declare bankruptcy.  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)


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