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Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

written by: Hitch
If you can dodge a wrench, you can take this quiz on the hit movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

Question 1:

In the movie Dodgeball, Coach Patches O'Houlihan was a big believer in the five "D's" of dodgeball which were dodge, duck, dip, dive and _____________.

Question 2:

In the comedy movie Dodgeball, Peter La Fleur's Average Joe's Gymnasium dodgeball team won their regional qualifier by default because their opponent was disqualified. This default win allowed them to play in the dodgeball championship in Las Vegas. Why was Average Joe's opponent disqualified?
the opposing team did not wear the required matching uniforms
the opposing team failed to register for the regional qualifier
one of the opposing team members tested positive for steroids
one of the opposing team members used profanity

Question 3:

Peter La Fleur's dodgeball team in the movie Dodgeball celebrated their regional qualifier "victory" at this restaurant/bar.
The Brown Derby
The Sack O' Suds
The Dirty Sanchez
The Rusty Trombone

Question 4:

In the movie Dodgeball, White Goodman put on his shiny shoes and tried to court the beautiful attorney, Kate Veatch. What song was playing in the background when White approached Kate's apartment to make his move?
The Freaks Come Out At Night by Whodini
Apache by The Sugar Hill Gang
Stayin' Alive by The Bee Gees
The Stroke by Billy Squier

Question 5:

In the 2004 movie Dodgeball, the two sportscasters for ESPN 8 "The Ocho" covering the dodgeball championship were Pepper Brooks and who else?
Brick Tamland
Cotton McKnight
Ty Webb
Wes Mantooth

Question 6:

White Goodman from the movie Dodgeball first met Kate Veatch in his office at Globo Gym. White tried to impress Kate by pretending to read this book when she walked in to meet him.
Webster's dictionary
Dante's Inferno
The Sports Almanac

Question 7:

In the movie Dodgeball, American cyclist Lance Armstrong made a cameo appearance giving Peter La Fleur a pep talk.

Question 8:

In the movie Dodgeball, Peter Le Fleur visited Kate Veatch's apartment and discovered that she had a fascination with these creatures.
exotic birds

Question 9:

Fictional Average Joe's team was disqualified from the championship game with Globo Gym because they originally didn't have enough players. However, the ADAA by-laws allow a disqualified team to play if it had a favorable two-thirds majority vote from the judges. Which judge cast the deciding vote to allow the Average Joe's team to be reinstated.
David Carradine
David Hasselhoff
Clint Eastwood
Chuck Norris

Question 10:

In the movie Dodgeball, which team did not play in the dodgeball tournament in Las Vegas?
Skillz that Killz
The Lumberjacks
Go Balls Deep
The Kamikazes

Question 11:

Who was not a member of the Average Joe's Gymnasium dodgeball team featured in the movie Dodgeball?
Gordon, a subscriber to Obscure Sports Quarterly magazine
Justin, a high school male cheerleader
Fran, the female Romanovian dodgeball champion
Steve, the pirate

Question 12:

In the movie Dodgeball, Peter learned from Kate that Average Joe's Gym was $50,000 in debt. How do Peter and his friends first try to raise money to get out of this debt?
by having Steve the Pirate rob a bank
by having an all male car wash
by selling magazine subscriptions
by having a bake sale

Question 13:

In the movie Dodgeball, Justin's high school cheerleading squad was also in Las Vegas competing in the same hotel that the dodgeball championship was being held. Justin helps Amber and the cheerleading squad win by filling in for an injured cheerleader. What was the nickname of Justin and Amber's high school cheerleading squad?
The Rattlesnakes
The Donkeys
The Beavers
The Bullfrogs

Question 14:

How is Coach Patches O'Houlihan killed in the movie Dodgeball?
He is run over by a car trying to "dodge traffic".
A large sign from inside the casino falls on him.
He is assassinated by Me'Shell.
His wheelchair battery shorts out and electrocutes him.

Question 15:

In the movie Dodgeball, the dodgeball Chancellor who presents the championship trophy to Average Joe's Gym for winning the tournament is played by what veteran actor, who also starred in the movie Miss Congeniality?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)


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