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Corporate Names

written by: marcing
"Ford" is named after its founder. "General Electrics" describes what the company does (or was supposed to do). This quiz explores company names that are not so obvious. Find out the origins of 12 corporations’ names!

Question 1:

McDonald's is named after its founders. Burger King is self-explanatory. Do you know what KFC stands for?
Kansas, Fort Cheenook (the place where it was established)
Kenneth Fitzgerald Carrington (the founder)
Keller, Ferguson, Colins (the founders)
Kentucky Fried Chicken

Question 2:

While surfing the Internet you may be using Cisco networking equipment without even knowing it. But do you know the origin of the name "Cisco"?
The founders where from Colorado, Indiana, South Carolina and Oregon
It stands for "Communication and Information Systems COrporation"
The founders were named Alain CISse and Erwin COfalka
It was named for San FranCISCO

Question 3:

Nokia is widely known for their mobile phones. What does "Nokia" mean?
It means "mobile" in Swedish.
It's a name of a town in Finland where the company used to have HQ.
It doesn't have any meaning, just sounds good.
The first mobile phones were made by Kia, so "NoKia" was meant to hurt the market pioneer.

Question 4:

What is the origin of the name 3M, the company that makes almost "everything"?
Machines, Materials and Mobiles
McGonagle, McKnight, McNemey were the founders
Me and My Mom (the company was established bu a mother and son duo)
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing

Question 5:

Google is not just a search engine. It is a multinational company. What is the origin of the name?
"Goo glen" is a suburb of Palo Alto, where the company is located.
"Gogol" is village in Russia, where one of the founders was born.
"To google" means to do research, to obtain information.
It's a misspelling of "googol" - a number written as 1 followed by one-hundred zeros.

Question 6:

Iona is a small island from which Christianity was spread to Scotland and northern England. The island gave name to a company. What does Iona make?
Integration software
Trekking shoes
It's a Christian printing house
Electronical translation devices

Question 7:

Lufthansa is a German air carrier. What is the meaning of the name?
It used to be named "Luftwaffe", but after the WW II it was changed to erase war associations.
The founders were Gustav LUFTig and HANS von Junkers.
It means "German Airlines."
Luft = air; Hanse = guild (or union.)

Question 8:

IBM is a computer hardware and software giant. What does its name stand for?
Information Brokering Media
Informatio Bene Mentis (Latin, loosly: "(new) concepts are good for the intellect")
International Business Machines
Idaho Brewage Mogul

Question 9:

Which Far East company name can be translated as "three stars"?

Question 10:

AXA is a French insurance group. What does the name mean?
It comes from Latin word 'laxo', meaning to liberate or to relieve.
Axa was a Belgian comic book hero who had many accidents, but always came out safe.
Antoine Xavier Ancienne was the founder.
Nothing! It was chosen deliberately as 'AXA' is not a word in any known language and is easy to pronounce.

Question 11:

What is the origin of the name FIAT?
Abbreviation of Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino
"Fiat" in Latin means "let it be."
Enzo FIATtori was the founder.
"Trattieni il fiato" means "to hold your breath" in Italian - a reference to the beauty of the first model.

Question 12:

You probably have heard of software and hardware. Can you tell what Compuware makes?
Software that ease the life of IT managers and practitioners
Hand-held devices
High-end computers
High-tech components for aircraft


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