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Celebrity Deaths - 2019
Okay, you know how this goes. This quiz will be about celebrities who have passed away in 2019. This is frightening because it is only June, this will be the first installment on this particular topic. Good luck and start quizzing!
  sanitation Jun 11, 2019 Easy 17 5.0000 (6 times)
Sanitation's Bag of Goodies
Basically, this quiz will be about a whole bunch of different stuff that I like to write about. I hope that you enjoy taking this quiz. I know that I enjoyed writing it. All you have to do is read and answer the questions. This is easy. Good luck and s...
  sanitation May 10, 2019 Average 19 4.9167 (12 times)
Billboard #1 Hits from 1990
This will start a long series of quizzes for me. I will give you at least 10 questions about songs that were chart toppers in the United States from the year 1990. Sounds easy enough, right? This is the first installment....one down and nine to go........
  sanitation May 7, 2019 Average 13 4.9000 (10 times)
Celebrity Deaths - 2018
Man, it has been a long time since I have done this, Well here it goes. This quiz will be about famous celebrities that passed away in the year 2018. Hopefully you like this quiz. I have provided ten questions, now it is time for you to do your part. ...
  sanitation Apr 29, 2019 Average 16 5.0000 (13 times)
Mixed 1990s Pop Culture Trivia
This quiz focuses on popular items, TV shows and bands during the 1990s.
  Eve Feb 17, 2019 Average 13 4.6667 (6 times)
2018 In Movies
Here is a selection of some of the notable movies released in 2018. Have you been going to the movies?
  Eve Jan 29, 2019 Hard 3 5.0000 (1 times)
2018 Major Events
Check out some of the major world events of 2018. This quiz should appeal to a worldwide audience.
  Eve Jan 29, 2019 Hard 5 5.0000 (2 times)
Mixed Trivia 2019 Edition
Try to answer these general knowledge questions. Check how good your general knowledge is.
  Eve Jan 29, 2019 Hard 6 4.3333 (3 times)
All Answers Beginning With M
In this quiz all answers will begin with the letter M. So go ahead and knock yourself out.
  cyberpunk Jan 28, 2019 Average 8 4.2000 (5 times)
All Answers Beginning with K
In this quiz all the answers begin with the letter K. See how many you know.
  cyberpunk Jan 28, 2019 Easy 1 5.0000 (1 times)

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